Salome and the Battle Poems

This is a war story

Salome and the Battle Poems is a poetry collection that explores the ” weaponization ” of art to heal and protect the body and soul of the oppressed, the mentally ill, and the disempowered.

The 3 sections of the collection, Vengeance, Tenderness, and Photosynthesis, reflect the alchemy of transforming righteous rage and suffering into power and true healing, and the precious raw love at the center of it all that must be protected and nurtured at all costs – no matter how deeply it’s nestled between anger and armor.

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The Edge of the Knife

“ On the day that you swallowed me
it is true that I collaborated
with your teeth ”
. . .


Queen Alyssa-Rea

“ My niece comes from women
who chip their teeth on concrete
and spit out pearls”
. . .


One Face, Two Face

“ We all want to tell about our bad habits,
how we tore them off like bandages
and new skin
bloomed underneath them ”
. . .

The Edge of the Knife