Self Sufficiency

Marginalized communities don’t need saviors, they need equal access to resources and autonomy. Give people the tools they need to survive – like healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, job skills, childcare, literacy, and healthcare – and watch them thrive. Bettering the world means bettering our communities.

Interdependent collectivity will save us.

Environmental Education

There is an infinity of knowledge outside of our classrooms. Teach children to honor the natural world and find joy through exploring our planet and they will become curious, compassionate adults who do the same. Protecting & preserving the earth means educating the youngest humans among us about how to do so. 

Hydroponics and Urban Farming

The city doesn’t have to be a concrete wasteland, and poor neighborhoods don’t have to be toxic food deserts. Rooftops and unused space can be converted into hydroponic or soil based gardens to feed, green, and beautify communities.